ABGH Roundtable Series:

Colorectal Cancer In The COVID-19 Era

MARCH 23rd (TUES) , 8-9pm EST
WATCH NOW: VIDEO available on this page.


Colorectal cancer disproportionately affects Black communities more so than any other race/ethnicity in America. Some of the key factors influencing these disparities include poor access to screening, lower rates of physician referral, mistrust of the health care system, insurance barriers, and many others.  These issues are compounded in magnitude by the concurrent COVID-19 pandemic. What are the steps needed to improve this?

Come watch ABGH’s inaugural community event moderated by  Dr. Darrell Gray , featuring Dr. Fola May and including colorectal cancer survivors and advocates – Norma Yvette Davis Atkins (CRC advocate); Diane Nathaniel ( BEAT Stage 3, Inc); and Walter Hickman Jr (FightCRC ambassador).  They discuss key points of their poignant and powerful journeys towards the cancer diagnosis and its impact on their lives and that of their loved ones.

This event is co-sponsored with FightCRC, a leading patient advocacy group dedicated towards curing colorectal cancer and championing the voices of all affected by the disease.